Upcycle Hand woven Trendy Bags

Eco-friendly upcycle single use waste plastic into beautifully hand woven fabrics making patterns by mix matching the available plastic colours in their original form. These fabrics are then hand crafted into a wide range of daily utility products like Handbags, Office bags,Gym and Yoga Bags school Accessories and Home decor

Upcycle 4kinds of single- use and difficult to recycle waste plastics like

Impact : 40 to 50 less plastic bags

Capacity: 8 to 10 kgs

Dimensions: 20″×5″×15″ (l×b×h)

Price: 1425/-

Impact: 35 to 40 less plastic bags

Capacity: 6 to 8 kgs

Dimensions:16″×3.5″×15″ (l×b×h)